Wi-Fi - tips & tricks


Since the mi.mu gloves use Wi-Fi to connect to your computer, we get quite a few questions about Wi-Fi and connecting your gloves. So here’s some tips & tricks!


How to set up your mi.mu gloves with a new router?

The mi.mu gloves work with almost any 2.4Ghz router, to set them up with a new router please follow the steps below.

  1. Connect your computer to the router via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet

  2. Open your browser and go to the router’s IP address (usually something like, this will be written on the back of the router)

  3. Find the Wireless settings and change the SSID to the same name as your mi.mu gloves, e.g. mimuYOURFIRSTNAME.

  4. Turn off any password protection on the network like WPA, WEP etc.

  5. Set the Wi-Fi Channel to 1,6 or 11

  6. Save the changes you’ve just made.

  7. Turn on your mi.mu gloves, the yellow light underneath the X-OSCs on the wrist should now be solid yellow (not flickering)


Hi Chagall, thanks for the wi-fi info :slight_smile:

Have you ever experienced latency issues during your performance? If so how did you solve the problem?

Can you also recommend a router model that you’ve tested personally and that works in different environments.

Thank you!



Hey Valentina,

sorry this had escaped my attention! Any latency issues that might happen usually have to do with Wi-Fi interference - so when there’s lots of data flying around on another network on the same Wi-Fi Channel. So the best thing to do before a gig is to make sure there’s no other networks on the Channel you have your router on.
I personally use the Netgear Nighthawk - they’re really good and never let me down. But again, you have to make sure there’s a clear Wi-Fi channel for you wherever you’re performing.