Request For Expansion Of Upload Capability / Forum Enrichment


@mimugloves , @adamstark, et. al;
I observe that there is currently a limit of allowable upload file types to those representing images (jpg. gif, etc.). For the sake of archiving capability of important information for the community, I would like to request an expansion of the file types to include at least some basic text representation. Even if only one such type were permitted, such as PDF, then the ability to share and communicate much richer and deeper knowledge would be possible with the community.

If graphics, photos and other “visual” file types are allowed, with typically much larger storage requirements than say, the simplest text representations, wouldn’t PDF be also manageable (for example)?

If the purpose of this forum is to only allow direct “official” lines of communication (from a user’s query to the MiMu company representatives and back), then I can respect this view, yet would request that this policy be stated somewhere, so as to avoid any misunderstandings in the MiMu User Community.

If, however the purpose of this forum (and its current companion with the Facebook Group “Mi.Mu Artist Community”) is to promote and stimulate a sharing of knowledge, inquiry, and user-generated development ideas, then it would seem logical to allow those interactions to occur with a few less restrictions, up to the limits of platform-defined user behavioral restraint, and technical feasibility, of course.

Having examined and participated in the Facebook Group, I can see some advantages to both this forum, and the FB Group interaction styles. The Facebook Group is tapped into a familiar platform style for many people, and the software interactive features can have benefits for retaining “immediacy” of communications, something that we discovered was beneficial when using the FB Messenger feature to recently attempt a troubleshooting session with a member.

However, this forum does have one distinct advantage over Facebook: the ability to create “threads” per topic (with the additional “tree” layer of “Categories”), which saves group thought “bandwidth” (time, relevance, and personal involvement desire).

To that end, I would also like to request an additional “Category” be implemented in this forum, that of “Resources” or “Library” or similar, along with the allowed expansion of uploadable file types to include PDF (or similar) as stated above.

One can only express oneself by the direct “text-box” entry method so far before realizing that a communication expansion is needed - ironically, such as is the purpose of the MiMu Gloves for the communication of music!

Thank you for your consideration, and all your current and future efforts! :metal:


Hi Bill,

Thanks for the request - we will be launching a new website in the coming months and we will have systems there for sharing of knowledge etc. That may involve this forum, the FB group and/or other platforms such as Discord. For now we’ll wait until we’ve got the new site up and have had a chance to consider the full architecture of tools :slight_smile:




Thanks for the reply @adamstark, and I appreciate your consideration of the issues in my “Request” post. :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy Returns!