Mi.mu at the NAMM Show? Anaheim, CA


Hi there! My name is Marli and I am currently an undergraduate music student in NY who has earned a grant from the NAMM Foundation to attend the NAMM Show in California this January of 2019.

I am wondering if anyone knows whether mi.mu will have a booth at NAMM? I am also wondering if anyone here will be attending the show? I currently do not own mi.mu gloves but I have been really interested and investing and would love to try them out if possible to get to better understand how to use them.

Thanks in advance to anybody who answers– it’s nice to meet you all! :slight_smile:



We won’t be attending NAMM this year unfortunately - but please do drop us a line if you would like to talk further about the gloves. :slight_smile:

Best way to contact us is here: