Mappings in Logic


Hello all,

Is anyone using Logic with Glover? I am struggling trying to set up mappings, after watching this Ableton tutorial



Oh yes. I’ve had the same struggles… It was so annoying, that I downloaded a trial version of Ableton.

In the sad week that I’ve used Glover with Logic, Mapping any CC number to logic would not work with the movement parameters.

At some point within the glover system, I realized that some CC numbers had parameter names on them. Trying different numbers, I discovered CC 10 said “pan” next to it.

As soon as I programmed CC 10 (pan) to an action in glover, Whichever track was selected in Logic immediately gave glover panning control. (I realized this by accident after failed attempts to have the pan knob in Logic “learn” CC 10) When I attempted to make it “learn”, even on the correct CC number, it would just go bonkers and not be fluid. The same went for cc 7 (volume). Intuitively, without going through the “learning” process, It immediately reacted to logic accordingly and correctly.

That’s as far as I got with figuring it out.

Below is a link to a midi CC list, that should list out what each midi number naturally corresponds to.

With more noodling, maybe something can be figured out.

Good Luck,
Tyler Martin


Thank you Tyler Martin,

Your message arrived just as I completed my week of sadness and resigned to the installation of Ableton Live.

Are you cooking with gas on Ableton now? I will look at what you’ve written and try noodling some in Logic (only because I’m a fan of the GUi over Ableton) and present my feedback/findings.

Thanks for the pain sharing, and help


@TylerVRM So, the two MIDI CC #s that worked for you were of the older, “pre-defined” style, from a much earlier era of MIDI. They were standardized early on, before there was much MIDI mapping going on. To ease your pain a little, have you tried any other of the lower CC numbers? Also, the trial run with CC #10 (pan) and CC #7 (volume) may have worked more easily because Logic may have already had those knobs pre-programmed to respond to them. You may have to dive deep in logic to find them, but I’ll bet there is a programming / mapping page for many other knobs or switches. Keep in mind that for switches, they may have them “range limited” to only responding to the numbers 0 and 127 (either all “on” for 127, and all off for 0).


Thanks man! I’ll take a look!:smiley:


@TylerVRM, @Tiny, - I just realized there might be something not understood by most folks getting into this depth of parameter mapping. Please let me know if you already understand what I’m going to say. For a parameter to be mapped fully, both the sending software (Glover, in this case), and the receiving software (Logic, or Ableton) have to be talking about the same message. Glover needs to map a gesture to a CC# “message”, and Logic or Ableton need to be setup to receive and assign that CC# “message” to the Knob, Fader,(a.k.a. Slider), or Switch (a.k.a. Button) or of your choice (if it can be programmed to react to CC#'s at all - not all can within a DAW). Without assigning the “action” (gesture, in this case) to a “message” (CC#, in this case) to both the sending and receiving software, no results will occur. How you check this assignment of parameters varies by the software a little bit, but most of the times, there is a way. Does this make sense?


Hi all, sorry to chime in late here. Yes, Logic is a bit tricky when it comes to MIDI mapping. It isn’t very intuitive. We are going to make a good tutorial video on this in the coming weeks - but first we want to make sure we have a clear picture of the process. It doesn’t always work reliably for us yet!


@Tiny, @TylerVRM, @adamstark, For the sake of completion, Adam has worked out the basic question for you, and posted it as video at the Facebook Group “MiMu Artist Community”, but I thought it would be useful to repost here. Here’s the link to the video on YouTube (if not presented as a “hyperlink”, then obviously just copy / paste into a browser’s address bar):

And here’s a link to the Facebook Group:

Thank you once again Adam, it’s a great start!:slightly_smiling_face::metal:


Ok great, thanks @adamstark and @Bill.Bainbridge for making & sharing the tute. I’m not an FB user, but once I get to grips with glover I might get into the fb group.