Latest Hardware Revision


So, as the MiMu Gloves have evolved, the hardware has necessarily evolved. As of today (06/15/2019) how many iterations have there been? Any “company historians” available that could answer this? @adamstark , for example ?
Also, the Gloves seem to be using a very different housing / chassis than earlier, with no exposed circuit boards, and apparently (here’s a plus) replaceable batteries! The latter is obviously a lot better from a performance standpoint, as Lithium batteries have a problem from the standpoint of ease of replacement.


With a little research, it appears that the MiMu Gloves may have had as many as 9 revisions! That’s an enormous amount of work put into development, but I’m so glad the team (and of course Imogen herself) persevered! Thank you to all the early adopters, who helped make all this possible! :metal: Note: is this an emoji or a familiar posture?


There have been many many different versions, but I would try and bracket them a bit…

2010 - 2011: Experiments with third party gloves plus customisations
2012 - 2013: Imogen Heap artist gloves
2013 - 2014: Bluetooth “arduIMU” gloves
2014 - 2018: “Pioneer” gloves, based on x-OSC
2019 - ???: Latest MI.MU Glove design

All those versions informed the subsequent ones, but not all of them tried to do the same thing. E.g. Imogen’s 2012-13 gloves were just for her, while the latest design are aimed at being manufacturable. Other versions were for testing/experimentation. I’d love to write all this down one day soon. We plan to have a new website with significant information like this on it.