Introduce yourself!


Hey all!

I’m Dominic, I’m a 2nd year Digital Music and Sound Arts student at the University of Brighton, and I’m working with the gloves with a small group of my classmates for a module project.

Kelly (also found earlier in this thread) has come to our university to set up and help run a Fab Lab, which is really cool, and we’re using the space and Kelly’s experience and skills to further our project’s horizons.

Besides my uni work, I’m a sound tech, songwriter, and bassist in my band, and I really like to cook.

Nice to meet you all!



I’m Jamie,

I’m a Digital Music and Sound Art at the University of Brighton (the same as Dominic above) and I an also working with the gloves to create a performative art installation, centred around live sound manipulation and research into human communication.

As well as this I am lucky enough to be working with Dr Kelly Snook on building a D.I.Y. design of an OSC glove as part of FabAcademy, which I am attending on top of my university work.

I am also a multi-instrumentalist musician and producer, playing in my band and producing my own music as well. On top of this I’m an aspiring artist and curator. I will soon hopefully be active and putting on exhibitions of my own and others work in the Brighton Area.

Lovely to meet everyone!


Hi Adam
I’ m Olivia, working on the glove at the University of Brighton with Kelly Snook for a module
‘Interactive Sound Installation using a diy gloves prototype’
Thanks for letting us work on the new Glover!
We could not make the new version of Glover working on my laptop (sierra) so last session we used Glover 51; the new Glover is now working very well with our own modem connected and we managed to reimport our session.
The new version looks very nice and sleek!


Hello @RicoD, @DominicR, @Jamie, @Louve !

Welcome all of you :slight_smile:

@RicoD - thank you for sharing your story with us and definitely music is the best way to find peace and happiness. And there are no gloves for sale at the moment but stay tuned as we will definitely have some in the not too distant future. :slight_smile:

@DominicR, @Jamie, @Louve - great to hear you are working with the gloves, definitely would love to hear your feedback and thoughts.

@Louve - did you manage to get the software working on Sierra? If not, drop me a line and we can try and figure it out.



Hi Adam
thank you! It has been working fine for the last sessions and we made good progress on mapping but today I can’t seem to log into Glover at all without having the wheel turning and basically the software is not responding…
-disconnected the router
-restarted computer
-checked I have enough space I believe on my disk 41 Gb but maybe not enough?
-Glover 51 does work ( maybe I should remove it?but should not be an issue)

I look forward to hearing from you


Hello all,
I am Duncan, a second year student at Brighton University studying Digital Music and Sound Art. I am working in a group alongside Olivia , @Jamie and @DominicR on using Mimu gloves for a performance based sound piece.

Many thanks for the opportunity to work on the new Glover software and the chance to get into using this new way of manipulating audio.

Aside from university I also produce and perform live electronic music using hardware and other instruments.

Nice to meet the glover crowd.


ok update silly mistake, launched glover whilst connected to our own router so of course Glover could not be authorised. so disconnected the router, connected to the Uni network first and it works of course!. xxx


Hi Olivia,

I’m glad you got it working - the connection to the server needs a bit of work and we have updated that in the new version which I expect to be available quite soon. If you are having persistent problems then send me an email and I can try to help! :slight_smile:

Welcome @Onism - excited to hear what you do with the software :slight_smile:




My name is Job, Currently doing my masters in animation at the AKV Sint Joost institute.
Though my study is focussed on Animation in general I’ve always been the one that saw more in animation than just a movie on a screen. I’m trying to give animation a chance to go further than screens and try to get it in the open space. As my research path continues I’m now trying to combine music with animation and see where this will get me.

My bachelor’s graduation Project.

Some other work

My website

I’m excited to be a part of this community.


Welcome @opdemaan ! Cool videos too! :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Tyler. I’m a singer/songwriter, and an A/V Technician in the DC area. I hope to be a Glovestress one day. (sidenote: I’m a girl!)

I’m interested in seeing the application of the gloves not only with music, but also in controlling intelligent lighting fixtures and consoles live. Applying for Residency soon :slight_smile: !

Tyler M.