Introduce yourself!


Hi all,

We’ve now launched our new forum! So why not introduce yourself on here so we can have all our users, team and developers get to know one another?

I’ll start. My name is Adam, I’m based in London, UK and I work on the software for the gloves - “Glover”. My background is in computer science, interactive music, machine learning and digital signal processing. I did my PhD at Queen Mary University of London looking at how we can make computers “intelligent” performance companions, rather than just static tools. I love working with artists, bringing some interesting technological aspect to installations and performances.

As well as working on the gloves, here are a couple of videos of projects I’ve worked on:

Arboreal Lightning

A big LED tree installed in the Roundhouse, London in 2014

The Human Harp

The brainchild of artist Di Mainstone, this project looks at how we can turn bridges into musical instruments

I’m also a musician myself, playing with a band called Rumour Cubes and another project called Munro Fox which hasn’t quite surfaced yet!

Anyway - say hi! And let us know a bit about yourself,




Hi, I’m Adrian Sutton… I’m a composer working largely in theatre, mostly for the National Theatre, e.g…

War Horse


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

I’ve been a bit of a programming geek since I was a teenager, and I’ve developed various bits of software to use in my work. Some of it rubbish… some of it seemed useful beyond the one-off thing I developed it for. Most of it in Supercollider and Max/MSP.

I think the gloves are amazing and the development team are heroes! Very much looking forward to meeting you all on here and exchanging ideas.



Hey Fellas. Nice Videos btw!
I´m Fatih Sahin and started as a Beatboxer who got bored of it and developed into a Loopstation Artist and now im heading for the Gloves.
Did some weird and Funny things in my musical Career like:

This: with Volkswagen.

That: with the Flying Steps(Breakdancer)

And this where i was kinda gigging in Clubs with Live-Loops like the good old Beardyman:

And release a few Months ago my first real Single as a Producer:

The Second one which is ASMR influenced will be released soon :slight_smile:

Looking forward to exchange Ideas and Videos!

Peace n Love <3


Hi, I’m Valentina and I’m a singer and an experimental musician. I started my gloves adventure in 2015 as one of the first gloves collaborator.

Last summer I spent one day playing live electronic music with the gloves at Dolomiti Alps at 3000 meters and it was an amazing experience.

However I really enjoy working on visual and sound interactions with the gloves!

Here you can see some videos that I made using the gloves:




Sadly, these are very short Videos. But really nice concept´s! Thanks for the Input. Can´t wait to get mine in a few weeks and use this inspiration! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

I’m Chagall van den Berg and work on the user experience of the gloves - especially the software & connection to other musical applications. But now the team is still small, we all wear a lot of hats and I’ll probably be answering most of your emails too :wink:

I live in South London, but I’m originally from Amsterdam where I lived my whole life, studied History and took my first steps as a professional musician. I am a singer & electronic music producer and now do all my gigs with the gloves controlling all my sounds, effects & live reactive visuals.

Here’s me…

… performing my first glove song…

… rehearsing for my performance at Amsterdam Dance Event last year…

And this is a nice video from a few weeks back when we were at Sonar+D with the team

Really excited to see some more of all you glovers out there!


Hi, I’m Jonathan, based in Newcastle UK. I’m a long time computer music geek, drummer, DJ, and fettler of things.

I’ve just started a volunteering position with a local charity helping disabled people to create and perform music. I was aware of Imogen Heap’s work with this stuff and think it has a lot of potential for people with limited motor skills, learning difficulties, etc, so I am delighted to find that it’s open and that there are efforts to build a community like this!

I’m gonna have a good look round and figure out where things are at before I start asking dumb questions, but if anyone wants to give me a nudge in the right direction or just discuss using this tech for my application, give me a shout.

And of course, if anyone has anything they would like to donate to a good cause - sensors, hardware, code, Max/Reaktor/Plogue/Etc patches, advice, skills, time, whatever…Please do!


Hello everyone!

My name is Arthur and I am a drummer. I am based in switzerland, where I study in a jazz university.

I also do a bit of programming, I learned Max/MSP when I was in art school in Geneva.
I am now slowly developping a project combining accoustic instruments and electronics, for improvised music. So I already tried out working with sensors. This is still work in progress, so I don’t have any video right now to share with you sorry…

I discovered the gloves very recently (way after the pre-orders…), and now I look for every bit of information about it!

So I hope you won’t mind if I occasionally post some questions on this forum!




Hi everyone,

My Name is Daria Lanz, I live in South East London. I’m a UX Designer and amateur musician. I’m going to be helping out with the software side of things a bit. I met Adam working on the Arboreal Lighting Tree project, and have been a gloves fan since learning about them.

I play piano, guitar and sing. I’m interested in seeing how the software can be hacked with different bits of tech, and will be looking at the usability and UI of the software from a user’s standpoint.

I don’t have any videos of my stuff sadly. I’m a classically trained musician, and am emerging into the world of tech - very much a newbie still.

Looking forward to the glove journey!



Hello all you glovestresses and glovers!

It’s Robin, I’m a musicology student from Hamburg, Germany, just having finished my bachelor dissertation (thesis - I hear different versions from different people, but you’ll know what I mean) on … … … the precious gloves! I had the great pleasure to meet some of you lovely people back in 2015 (ridiculously long ago, it seems) to interview you and record some of your glove gesturing and mapping behaviour. In the course of being exposed to all that glovely work, I found my fingers being lit with excitement and the very strong urge to gesture the music I feel myself! Hence - here I am!

In my thesis, I focused on the isolation of aspects from the interviews I conducted in order to present a guideline to potential glove users of what to take into consideration when mapping the gloves. I’m eager to share the work with you guys, maybe it will come in handy for you and I can’t wait to hear from your experiences. Being only a glove spectator so far, I’m also incredibly excited to set up my own little glover experience and I’ll probably mess things up first and require you guys’ assistance, so be ready! :smiley:

So far, my musical work on the interwebs is rather sparse - I do have a small soundcloud, though. I play piano and sing, writing songs sometimes. In case you’d like to check out my voice:

That’s that so far!

Much glove to all of you! (I kinda assume this pun is tiring to some, but it’s still unjaded enough for me, haha! Yay!)


hi everybody,

i’m kelly from the team! i’m a producer, engineer, musician, and Professor of Media Arts Technology at the University of Brighton in the UK. I also spend half my time in my recording studio in Portland, Oregon, in the US. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

kelly x


Hi Everyone!

I’m Simon based in Manchester, UK I produce some bands and artists and help people make music/make sense . I am an Ableton Certified Trainer and work for Ableton as Education Specialist. Interested in how people are making music and how to keep it exciting and as interesting as ever! Some great people in here,
much respect

Simon :slight_smile:


Hey everybody!

My name is Gareth Wong and I’m from Malaysia. I’m currently in my senior year at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

I produce electronic music as Bloom and I’ve been playing around with the Leap Motion for a while now. I’ve also dabbled in Max/MSP and Jitter, as well as a little bit of programming in C. I haven’t got any experience with the gloves, but having Kelly Snook present these one of a kind controllers at our college was nothing less than inspiring.

Super excited to see where this community goes!



Hi everyone,

Many thanks for welcoming me into this community!

I’m Bo. For the most part I do three things - create music under my own name, run London Interactive Music Meetup, and research interactive music through my new company Reciprocal Music.

Looking forward to getting involved :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
My name is Jo (Josephine) and I am a third year early childhood/special education and disability studies student from Australia. What? I’m not a musician? No, I can’t even play chopsticks on the piano. So why am I here, you may wonder. I have been following Imogen Heap’s music and projects since I was little. I have watched her develop a pair of, seemingly magical gloves over the years, and, as I have become more aware in my studies of the importance of communication for people with complex communication needs, I have seen potential for the gloves to allow these individuals to have an improved quality of life. I’m no engineer, but I have an idea around using the gloves as a form of communication device that allows people who use speech generating devices to have expression and intonation in their machine’s robotic sounding voices, and have volume control of their device. I have already been in contact with individuals such as Kris Halpin and university lecturers, all of whom have supported my idea, and I aim to send a document explaining my idea in full to the Mi.Mu Glove team. I have joined this site in order to enhance my understanding of the gloves, and be able to get into contact with the team if possible. As a holder of a ‘soundcheck’ ticket to Imogen Heap’s upcoming tour, I hope to be able to speak to her about my idea (dream come true; she is my hero :slight_smile: )
If anyone could direct me to the right people - to members of the Mi.Mu Glove team so I can send my idea to them, that would be so helpful!

Thank you kindly,


Hi glovers! :smile:

It’s been almost a year and I totally forgot to introduce myself so here it is haha~

My name is Natalie and I live in Japan but will soon move to the U.S. I just finished off my freshmen year of high school with a glove performance. Through my passions in music, singing, film making, acting and other artistic endeavors it’s my dream to pursue these passions to inspire and help others :blush:

Last year I met my music composition teacher, Mr. Huber, who gave me the opportunity to perform with the gloves for my school. After he passed away this year, it was difficult trying to figure out how to use these gloves. Nevertheless, I truly want to thank the gloves team and Adam Stark especially for helping me. It wouldn’t have been possible without you guys!

Here’s how the performance turned out:

Thank you for creating this technology. No matter what people say I just want to tell you…you’ve changed lives because of what you do and it’s inspiring to see how far you are going with this team xx From helping people with communication needs, to inspiring other artists, to bringing freedom on stage…it’s beautiful :two_hearts: I’m sad to leave these gloves but I hope to run into you guys again to pursue more artistic ideas in the future.

Good luck to all the glovers out there and if you ever need help I got you! I’ll still be checking here time to time.



Wow! Natalie, this is so inspiring! What a wonderful performance and an amazing opportunity to be able to use the gloves and be opened to this incredible world of music tech. This really encourages me to keep pursuing my dream of using the gloves as an AAC device; it’s really encouraging to know that there are people our there that can help and support me on this journey. Thank you so much for sharing this and best wishes,


Aww thank you! It means a lot :slight_smile: I wish you the best on your journey with the gloves as well. Your idea for the gloves is very interesting and I can’t wait to see what you do with them! Update us if you’ve made any progress or accomplished your idea!



I’m Matthias from Germany, professional musician, drummer, percussionist, mallet-player (vibes & marimba) teacher but since 6 years severly disabled.
My right hand isn’t very fast anymore and can’t play percussion a long time. So I can’t play gigs anymore.
This is very sad, cause I love playing all theses instruments.
With ableton live suite and Push I compose, record and produce music.
I wish to get a pair of these fantastic gloves - maybe I can play gigs with them again…
Looking at Kris Halpins videos is very encouraging.

Have a look at my WebSite
or at SoundCloud

Best Regards!


Hello Everyone & dearest greetings from Germany.

My Real Life Name is Frederic Schatz.
I Work in Gastronomics and Public Relations.
Even tho i privately trained myself on Ethic’s and Intercultrual Competence,
in my normal Life the Prof. h.c. of Ministry degree isn’t actually alowed to be mentioned.
(It’d be a legal thread, since the Degree was basically bought to further emplify my Enthusiasm in learning.)
And - it did.
I reached a point where i had seen quite enough from different realms of existence.
Why am i telling you this?
Is it a flaw in my personality or a gift, i really don’t know.
What i do know, is that i very conciously developed several aspect’s of myself,
and Medicine basically isn’t really helpful where i stand currently.
The Artist Name Rico Fiona Delgardo is how i’d like to be adressed on public occasions,
simply becouse my day-job (Waitership), leaves huge room for insultment when combined with some other aspect’s of my life.
I pole danced and show danced in male, female and androgynous forms.
I left these a little bit behind, as i focused more and more into becoming an even better waiter.
Currently, being 28 years old, i find myself at the lovely task of re-joining the job i love-hate since i started it:
Serving Guests.
I had 2 times of Dropping out from my job into medical Service, (at 22 and 27 years old.)
they consider me an unsolved type of shizotypic disorder, combined with addiction issues.
(which mainly developed becouse of a very early decision - my parent’s where nurses, my dad actually coming from phramaceutical edjucation. When he teached me about NLP basics, i was in base grade school. I 'm not official masonic, but basically somewhere along those lines. - so a good part of my personality seperation comes from actually protecting others, and keeping secret’s of Guest’s for their and my own safety.)
Well, anyways.
I had Spirit’s calling me out to go into music’s, somewhere in the winter of 2016,
and i didn’t follow the calling, since my first expieriences with musik making where pretty devastating back in school.
However, i have a medical condition which makes my body hyper-flexible,
and the moment i’ve seen the gloves being played by Chagall,

I was simply amazed!
Which means a lot,
since i’m still in a depression.

Gosh, i know, tons of text!!!

Sorry guys, im a talky person, it’s…, -well comunications is my profession, weather i like it or not. :grin:

  • On the Website it Says the Gloves aren’t out for sale currently,
    it also doesn’t state any Price range currently.

I do understand that they’re under construction,
But eh! - i’m used to having figure out solutions,
and i actually consider it potentially helping me process some emotions…
-therefore being medically helpful…
-therefore, being a potential jump in my personal well being.
Which sound’s fair enough for a product to be reasonable considered.

I’d like to help with the developement process,
or at least to try them out.
And if they don’t work much for me, i still know tons of people,
so giving them forwards to a interested musician who’s actually good on working with them shouldn’t be an issue.

And - yepp, i guess i reach the point where i’m a little emberassed about myself and wishing i didn’t write so much.
Nope, not gonna delete it.
Here we go,
Hope you got a fair first impression. :wink:

Ps. Uhh, i forgott to mention. The Shizophranic in the medic files is obviously a joke to me, i know i labled myself that way basically for covering to much ground in therapy talks. They always add that part of “the patient behaved as trying to help other patients” - with 22 at the first time when the clinic tried to cure me with neuroleptica, i noticed how that started to affect my spiritual abilities - so i jumped back on track going forward with my normal carrier.
Later i discovered that people with mental abilitys that doesn’t fit the common narritive are usually treated that way.
And that art’s are actually a way of Self-curing for people otherwise labled out of their carrier for life.