Cool glove videos


Hey guys,

I thought I’d post a few videos featuring the gloves that happened over the past few months…check these out!

Imogen Heap at TEDxCERN

Ralf Schmid at Bavarian Film Awards 2016

Dan Mulhen’s GlovZheng

Shama Rahman, gloves + ROLI Seaboard jam

Imogen Heap explains gloves on London Real


Very Nice Content.
I´ve also released a Video from the Tryout Session last Winter.
Hope you Guys like it!


We were in Barcelona for Sonar+D a few weeks ago where @adamstark did a talk and I did a performance. Mind the film‬ made this great video to document our visit.

All the visuals in this show were controlled by the gloves too!

@adamstark wrote a special piece of software that allow the gloves interactive visual projections. This was programmed in openFrameworks and is a mixture of generative visuals & video manipulation, with two videos contributed by Eduardo Fitch.


Hey Adam. I just noticed my Glove Guzheng video was set to private. I’ve made it available now. It appears above as it should now.

I think Robin Kiwitt has a video of me explaining the switching I’m doing in case anyone is interested.

D x


I am interested definitely!!!


Hey Chagall. I remember seeing the explanation video on an update Robin sent out a while back. It’s unedited though.

Congrats on SXSW btw. That’ll be amazing.