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Hi, I’ve been following the project for a hot minute at this point. Being poor and not famous has been the struggle, of course… but at the end of last year, I was elated to at least obtain a compromise: the actually obtainable was announced. So, to be short, I’ve been playing with the kit for months now and I’ve not found many resources regarding this specific use of the micro:bit(the ONLY related info is [iOS only] ble-midi makecode with which I’m fumbling around, to no avail). I simply wish to use this as advertised: a super stinted version of this really neat concept of a gestural midi controller which I literally cannot obtain yet. So I come here, to ask y’all: anyone know how to get a micro:bit and a DAW to communicate even just a filter parameter?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Kelly,

We’ve got a beta tester programme open at the moment with a solution to this. Drop me an email to…

adam {at} mimugloves {dot} com

and I can explain more.
Adam :slight_smile: