Any Question/Queries?


Let us know if you have any questions/queries about using your gloves/glover! We will be checking this regularly to answer your questions!


Do you know when the next time they’re going to restock on gloves?


Hey @eBeatz great to hear from you and welcome to the forum! We’re in the middle of developing some new gloves, which will be released this year!

We’ll keep you up to date on here, but you could also head over to our website and sign up to the mailing list to keep up to also keep up to date:


I just watched a video of Imogen Heap at Hello Tomorrow from last year. She mentioned that the price may be lowered/ smidge more affordable. For this years release, will that be the case or will it be the current price as indicated in the FAQ section?



Will the future glovers also have access to the Jelly Fish ? (I don’t know what to call it, a plug in? effect? Jelly Fish Effect? LOL)
Jelly Fish is awesome! That’s all I know!



Hey @TylerVRM,

We are working on a whole load of new stuff (including a more affordable design) and will have some updates very soon on this. Keep posted on our mailing list and on Twitter / Facebook,



OMG! so excited! I check all the platforms nearly everyday for updates! :D! So glad it shall be affordable phew Don’t know what affordable means to you guys, but very glad I don’t have to cough up $7000 USD LOL happy shimmy ^.^ (sidenote: I’m a girl named Tyler ^.^)
Okay, bye thread, til next time!


I just applied for a residency, when can I expect to hear back to know if I was accepted?


I’m beta testing Gliss with Ableton and it’s going well. There’s something I need advice on though. How do I map a gesture to specific parameters of an audio effect? For example, if I use AUPitch plug-in, how can I make the output only swing between -6 semitones and +6 semitones. I’m finding the finer details of control hard to manage.


@Danimara Did you ever get your question answered? I don’t have any thing set up yet for my own use of glover, but I can take some educated
guesses! What you are talking about is a range parameter for the MIDI Pitch Bend messages, I’m guessing. Is there a way of addressing MIDI CC parameters that you’ve looked for in your software? I don’t know the AUPitch plug-in specifically, but there should be a way to examine this between Gliss, Glover, Ableton, and AUPitch, I’d imagine.