AAC & communication for disability


Hi everyone,
My name is Josephine and I am a primary school OSHC teacher and an undergraduate early childhood education and disability studies student at Flinders University, South Australia. As part of my degree, I have studied the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for people with complex communication needs (CCN). I have seen potential for the mi.mu gloves to become a new speech generating device for people with CCN; a device which may be able to transform sign language or key word signing into words. This has already been undertaken by two university students in America, but I am more focused on being able to manipulate those words to give them expression, intonation and volume control. If the gloves were used in conjunction with an electronic speech generating device an individual already has, they could manipulate the sound of the device to give it expression & initonation. Apps or programs that use the hardware technology of the gloves could be installed to enable the individual to manipulate the sound of their device, giving it a more human quality and a voice that is more unique to them. I am not an engineer, but I do believe this idea has the potential to raise the quality of life for some individuals with CCN if it could be taken on board by a collaboration of professions and teams, including the Mi.Mu glove team. If possible, I would love to be able to get into contact with the team, and discuss the possibilities of this idea. I have written a document explaining my idea in full that I would love to send to the gloves team, and have also been supported by university lecturers and individuals including Kris Halpin.
If I could be directed to the right people to talk to about my idea, this would really help me!

Thank you,


Hi Jo,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sounds very interesting what you are planning. Please feel free to drop us a line here:

And we’ll get back to you. Apologies if it takes us a while, we’re a small team. :slight_smile: